Drive into the future with a relaunched Braintree Drives Electric

It’s a new year, and Braintree Drives Electric has a new logo, new website…and a new Electric Vehicle (EV) showcase. Our new logo highlights just how easy, fun and affordable it is to make 2019 the year you go electric, and the redesigned has everything you need to get there in one stop.

The new logo’s front wheel has a standard 110-volt electrical outlet, just like the one you use every day to charge your cell phone. An EV can be charged this way using the car’s included adapter with the plug on our new logo’s rear wheel. Alternatively, a higher voltage Level 2 charging unit can be installed at your house. Check out the website’s updated Charging Guide to explore equipment and get local home installation help.

The new logo’s battery is like the one in your cellphone, only bigger. The batteries in some of today’s affordable EVs can take you 200+ miles on a full charge, all while saving you money. But there’s no need to “fill” an EV battery before taking off to your next destination. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have a backup gasoline engine, so you never have to charge them on the go, only at home overnight. See our new-and improved online Buying Guide and Compare Cars tools to learn more.

We’re here to help with EVerything! or call 1833-4-EV-HELP (1.833.443.8363) toll-free to reach a staff of dedicated EV Specialists. We hope you find excitement and value in these new services, and that we can help you find the EV of your dreams … so you can charge it at home overnight, while you dream!

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