Why Drive Electric

Benefits to All

Choosing an electric car can significantly reduce your overall emissions from driving. This is just one of several benefits to society that EVs provide. Click on each topic below to learn more.

Not to be confused with the environmental concerns that affect our planet, this is about public health issues and associated costs which affect us all. Switching to an electric car reduces tailpipe pollution and the release of other toxins from the drilling, transport, and refining of petroleum. This is not only a societal concern for the well-being of everyone’s lungs, but also a financial concern as tailpipe and refinery emission related health problems have a hidden economic burden.

As confirmed by peer-reviewed analysis, EVs already reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to Climate Change impacts caused by AWG (Anthropogenic, or man-made Global Warming) by at least 50% (Source: Union of Concerned Scientists), and by at least 70% with New England’s cleaner-than-average power mix.

Much of the global supply of oil comes from unstable regions of the world, or from nations that our relationship is more adversarial than friendly. Our military must protect the global oil supply routes around the world at a cost of billions of dollars, not only for the regular security but also oil-related wars, sabotage and terrorism remains a threat in part due to oil-related geopolitical issues. Increased EV adoption reduces these threats.

Much of our oil used to make gasoline is still imported, as it is a global commodity. Money spent on electricity is not sent out of the country to foreign economies. This means that money instead stays in the domestic or even our local economy, which in turn equates to better local economic prospects for all, and also more local job creation.

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