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The charger will come with a cord and connector that plugs into your EV. If you don’t already have one, an electrician will need to wire a 240 volt circuit for the station, including a 50-amp circuit breaker. The wiring from your house panel will go to a standard 240 volt receptacle (NEMA 14-50) or be hard-wired directly to the charging station where it is wall-mounted. This location will be convenient for charging your car and the provided length of cord. If the station needs to be hard-wired, the electrician will wire it at the same time they are wiring the 240 volt circuit from your house panel. Be sure to check with your local municipality about getting any required permit for installation.

  • Do I want it hard wired or to plug in to a new or existing 240-volt receptacle?
  • What length of cord will I need to charge reach my car(s) from the install location? (Units can be ordered with different cord lengths to suit your needs.)
  • Should I get a “Smart Charging” system, meaning the level 2 charger has WiFi connection capability? Some programs and incentives require this functionality.
  • Your municipality may require you get a permit. You may need to go to the town’s building division at town hall, fill out a form, etc. Contact us to find out more information about the completing the process where you live.

The installation can range from only a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the location of the house panel and the location of the charging outlet. Available incentives and rebates can help lower the cost of purchase and/or installation.

Every EV automatically stops charging when the battery reaches Full and the station then goes into a low power standby mode. Since the unit is by default always in standby mode when not in use, it is fine leave it the car always plugged in and station always “on” even when the car is not plugged in.

We recommend using QMerit, a free service that will help you find certified installers near you that are experienced, licensed electricians and have been vetted and thoroughly background-checked to ensure you receive a great home installation experience.

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